Toronto cyclist receives instant karma when running a red light (VIDEO)

May 23 2017, 4:42 pm

Nothing satisfies quite like the sweet reckoning of instant karma.

The perfect example recently unfolded at Queen and Ossington, when a Toronto cyclist casually strolled through a red light without even batting an eye for potential traffic.

Had he done so, he probably would have seen the cop immediately approaching the intersection to his right, which swiftly pulled him over a few metres down the road. And we do mean swift – the police car swoops into action with the smoothness of a dozen babies’ bottoms.

In what is becoming a trend, a dashcam caught the act.

By the time the video uploader catches up with the scene a little further down the road, the cop is already pouncing onto his catch.

The offender, who narrowly misses out on a top spot among Darwin Award candidates on account of wearing a helmet and having lights, has meanwhile provided enough fuel for drivers to continue their war against cyclists well into the summer.

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