Toronto looking to extend its temporary outdoor patio bylaws until next year

Mar 9 2021, 6:23 pm

Patio season might be here for the long run! Toronto’s CafeTO bylaws on outdoor patios could be extended until Spring 2022.

In a motion considered by the Planning and Housing Committee, it is recommended that the city extend the temporary use bylaws, which “ease zoning restrictions on outdoor patios associated with eating establishments, takeout eating establishments and recreation uses.”

These bylaws are set to expire by May 25, 2021. However, this new motion seeks to stretch the expiration date until April 14, 2022.

“Preparation and planning by business owners for outdoor patios typically occur in the first quarter, and providing an extension to the existing bylaws will provide certainty to operators of these establishments,” reads the motion.

“The proposed bylaws will continue to complement the existing CaféTO program to allow expanded patios on City boulevards and rights-of-way, and the bylaws match the time-frame of the program.”

Several changes have already been made to the patio program, including an early set date of CaféTO’s curb lane closures for 2021 and allowing restaurants to build decks for the program.

As for the city-wide extension, the motion is set to be considered by City Council on March 10.

“The bylaws will continue to allow an increase to the maximum size of outdoor patios and would remove restrictions that might prevent an outdoor patio located in front of buildings,” states the motion.

Back in 2020, the program supported 801 restaurants in 62 BIAs, and 96 restaurants outside the Business Improvement Areas.

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