12 of Toronto's most prime pizza parlours

Feb 6 2020, 7:56 pm

There’s no denying that pizza is a comfort-food classic. And February 9, right in the middle of comfort-food SZN, has rightfully earned the title of National Pizza Day.

To celebrate, check out these Toronto spots putting unique spins on the quintessential dish, offering topping combos that render the pineapple argument null and void… almost.

Take a gander through 12 of the city’s most impressive pizza places, and good luck choosing just one.

Conspiracy Pizza


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Serving up “really big, really fun, really delicious pizzas,” the thin crust, smoked toppings and unique flavour combinations at this joint bring them above and beyond your average pie.

Address:Ā 176 Wicksteed Avenue
Phone:Ā 647-694-3327


North of Brooklyn


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This pizza is good. Really good. If you’ve never had honey on your pie, take the plunge with the Killer Bee. Calabrese sausage, jalapeƱos, and sweet, sweet honey come together to make magic in your mouth.

Address:Ā 650.5 Queen Street West,Ā 229 Geary Avenue,Ā 1181 Dundas Street West,Ā 511 Rogers Road


Double Ds


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Double D’s deep dish ‘za is something to behold. Go for the Chicago Classic or get a little zany with the Buffalo Chicken or the JalapeƱo Blue Cheese options.

Address: 1020 Gerrard Street East
Phone: 416-727-5411


Apiecalypse Now!


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Big Mac Pizza — that’s Vegan! Lotsa’ non-beef beef bits, vegan special sauce,
lettuce, vegan cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed crust, (ooh ooh ooh ooh!).

Address:Ā 735 Bloor Street West
Phone: 416-516-4555


Descendant Pizza


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It’s hip to be square at Descendant. Detroit-style deep-dish pies are being served up with everything from classic pepperoni to jerk chicken to mango chutney.

Address:Ā 1168 Queen Street East
Phone: 647-347-1168


Maker Pizza


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Find the non-vegan version of a Big Mac-inspired pizza here, or opt for something totally left-field. A Reuben in pie form, perhaps, or how about a broccolini-loaded beast with lemon zest, topped with an egg? How about all of the above?

Address: 59 Cameron Street
Location: 416-782-2000


Blondies Pizza


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These babies come in a millennial-pink box, and that’s enough to make any Insta-lover swoon. Choose a red, blonde, or pink pie and opt for one of their own combos or make your own. The Hummingbird, with sausage, Brussel sprouts, olives, parm and lemon, sounds buzz-worthy.

Address:Ā 1555 Dundas Street East
Phone: 437-341-1555


Pizzeria Via Mercanti


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This family-operated pizzeria is serving up the classics and they’re doing it right. Go sleek and simple with a Margherita, or opt for the Via Mercanti itself: with ricotta, prosciutto cotto, mixed mushrooms, and hot soppressata, this pie is topped with a Margherita pizza.

Address: 188 Augusta Avenue
Phone:Ā  647-343-6647

Address:Ā 87 Elm Street
Phone: 416-901-1899

Address:Ā 1501 Gerrard Street East
Phone: 647-352-2206


Virtuous Pie


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Virtuous Pie is another win for the vegans of the city. The Stranger Wings is a fan favourite, served bianca-style with crisp fried shallots, blue cheese drizzle, scallion, and spicy buffalo cauliflower wings.

Address: 611 College Street
Phone: 647-729-9943


Lamanna’s Bakery


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Yes, that’s a giant slice of pizza topped with pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup. Yes, it’s real. And yes, it’s just one of the many giant, over-the-top delicacies served at Lamanna’s Bakery. Even if you’re not an east-ender, this spot’s worth the trip.

Address:Ā 6758 Kingston Road
Phone:Ā 416-287-2020


Big Trouble


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When it comes to pizza that tastes just like morning toast smothered in butter and fresh, sweet jam, there’s no arguing. It’s a must-try, crave-worthy, what-were-they-thinking-but-we-love-it experience. Butter Jam Jam FTW.

Address:Ā 235 Spadina Ave #1
Phone:Ā 416-596-0305

Address: 296 Brunswick
Phone: 647-694-9868


The Parlour


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With meaty options, veggie versions, gluten-free choices and even a vegan selection, there’s something for everyone at this cozy west-coast import, tucked away from King West. And that’s not to mention that in addition to fire pies, the cocktail list is vast and impressive, too. Youā€™re going to struggle to decide where to begin, and then, when to stop.

Address:Ā 642 King Street West
Phone:Ā 416-583-2642


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