These are the Ossington Strip's top 5 most romantic restaurants

Mar 20 2019, 1:39 am

Congratulations, you scored the date!

But where are you going to take them?

If you know, you know. And we’re going to let you in on the secret: the Ossington Strip is home to some of the city’s sexiest eateries.

While a stroll down the street will lead you to a wide array of hot spots, these five are holding some serious heat.



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With flavours inspired by Argentina, the smell of a wood-burning grill floats through this space, making it feel like a real escape. While their brunch is mouthwatering, the romantic vibes during dinner service are tough to match. You’ll have shared a bottle of wine and many plates before you realize any time has passed at all.

Address: 74 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 416-546-3022​


CĂ´te de BĹ“uf


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Butcher, wine bar and grab-and-go sandwich spot, this little hideaway is much more than a romantic resto. But it is that, and to the nines. Inspired by neighbourhood butchers in Paris, locally sourced meats are cut on the regular and you can enjoy French-inspired classics including oysters, charcuterie, French cheese, steak frites, great wine and cold beer any day of the week.

Address: 130 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 416-532-2333​



There’s classic, moody romance and then there’s flirty, fiery, sexy fun. This spot serves up the latter, and it’s just as satisfying. The perfect destination to hit as the weather warms, this eatery’s back patio is prime space for sharing tacos, sipping cocktails and coyly touching your date’s arm when their joke lands just right. Enjoy the care-free feel of vacation without the stress of a flight.

Address: 136 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 416-532-6474




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Simple done right. This restaurant’s tagline is one we ought to adopt across many areas of our lives, including dates. You don’t need the experience to be elaborate and over-the-top if it’s one of quality. This Paris-inspired spot is serving contemporary takes on traditional dishes. Treat your darling to organic, farm fresh, locally grown provisions.

Address: 72 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 416-850-0093


Mamakas Taverna


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If you’d love to take your babe to the Mediterranean but it’s just not in the cards right now, Mamakas is an excellent alternative. The space is fresh, bright and traditionally decorated, which makes you feel like you’ve escaped the city, and the food is authentic with a modern twist. The ideal place to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just your love.

Address: 80 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 416-519-5996


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