These are the heated patios to snuggle into this season in Toronto

Oct 18 2019, 6:35 pm

Summer’s definitely gone, but don’t despair! Heated patios are coming to the rescue.

There are plenty of places in Toronto where you can still sit and sip your favourite bevy under the stars (er‚ÄĒcity lights), despite the dropping temperatures.

Here are some of the hottest heated patios to park your tush this season.

The Drake Sky Yard

The Drake / Instagram

‚ÄúClimate-defiant,‚ÄĚ this patio is the perfect place to grab a mid-afternoon cocktail¬†or some late-night dinner. The combo of warm food and good vibes will warm you from the inside out, even on a cold winter’s night.

Address: 1150 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-531-5042


Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club

Cactus Club’s retractable snow-melting roof, private booths, and chill jams combine to make this spot the ideal place to unwind after a long work-day, cold months inclusive. Choose between downtown and the more-recently opened¬†Etobicoke location.

Address: First Canadian Place, 77 Adelaide West, Toronto
Address: 25 The West Mall, Unit 700, Etobicoke



Baro / Instagram

Baro’s rooftop offers an indoor-outdoor experience reminiscent of a warm getaway. With plenty of greenery, massive screens and a view that’s like something out of a New York love story, this spot’s serving up all the goods, be it rain, shine, warm, or cold.

Address: 485 King Street West, Toronto
Phone:  416-363-8388


Dundas & Carlaw

Dundas and Carlaw / Instagram

When the air is frigid and you’re craving something warm, “where coffee turns into drinks” is arguably the ideal place to be. Your cozy midday latte will turn into a cocktail before you know it, hanging out on this warm patio.

Address: 1173 Dundas Street East, Toronto
Phone: 647-639-7281

Gusto 101

Gusto 101 / Instagram

With a retractable roof, this stylish patio is in business year-round. On the menu you’ll find authentic Italian dishes like¬†pizza and pasta, but more importantly, there’s wine on tap.

Address: 101 Portland Street
Phone: 416-504-9669


Bar Raval

Bar Raval / Instagram

Bar Raval’s enclosed patio is equipped with heaters so you can enjoy the restaurant’s mouth-watering tapas and cocktails outside, under twinkly lights, even during the cold winter months.

Address: 505 College Street
Phone: 647-344-8001


El Catrin

heated patios

El Catrin/Facebook

Tucked away in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, this restaurant is not only home to a chic cocktail and Mexican tapas menu, but also a sprawling outdoor patio that’s equipped with aesthetically-pleasing heaters and fire pits. Margherita in the cold? We’re down, even if there’s ice on the rim.

Address: 18 Tank House Lane
Phone: 416-203-2121


Fifth Grill and Terrace

Winter patios

The Fifth Grill and Terrace

This romantic restaurant is home to a year-round enclosed rooftop patio that features classy ambiance and spectacular views of Toronto. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy¬†delicious Mediterranean-inspired food at a rooftop oasis this winter, this is the place.

Address: 225 Richmond Street West, Suite 501b
Phone: 416-979-3005


Hemingway’s Bar and Restaurant / Instagram

Warm up on the heated patio of this Yorkville spot on a cold afternoon. The New Zealand-inspired eatery serves up traditional pub fare including its popular fajitas and nachos, as well as 24 beers on tap and an impressive cocktail list.

Address: 142 Cumberland Street
Phone: 416-968-2828


Wish Restaurant

Wish Restaurant / Instagram

Picturesque and rustic, the enclosed patio at Wish restaurant feels like something out of a fairytale. Patio brunch can carry on into the winter at this cute and cozy spot.

Address: 3 Charles Street East
Phone: 416-935-0240


Bar Reyna

Bar Reyna / Instagram

Get a head start on day drinking at this posh-meets-cozy Yorkville patio. The regal restaurant offers oysters, avocado toast, and Spanish breakfast poutines along with strawberry-basil gin cocktails in a lush green setting. And don’t skip out on the chance to indulge in Lebanese tacos — they just might change your life.

Address: 158 Cumberland Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-748-4464


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