You can visit these alpaca farms near Toronto this winter

Jan 16 2019, 5:09 am

Animal lovers rejoice!

It turns out that taking a yoga class with a goat isn’t the only way to experience maximum animal cuteness.

What could top doing a downward dog next to a little goat you ask? How about hanging out with an adorable alpaca, that’s what!

Ontario is actually home to a surprising number of alpaca farms — 21 to be exact. And if you’re looking for an excuse to take a break from the city to visit the beauty of the country, you’re going to want to pay a local alpaca farm a visit.

Alpacas are not only very curious creatures, but they’re also extremely friendly and gentle in nature, making them very fun to visit with.

While many of the farms aren’t open for visiting until spring, there are a few that are currently open for visits this winter.

SAMY’S Alpaca Farm


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Located just a little over two hours from the city, you’ll find one of the most welcoming alpaca farms in the province. The farm loves hosting visitors and will take guests to visit alpacas in the pasture and then guests can put the alpacas on a leash and take them for a walk down the country lane. The farm is reminding visitors to remember to dress for the weather and farm environment, and to wear warm jackets and boots during winter.

Address: 2432 Cuddy Drive, Kerwood

Harmony Meadows Alpacas


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Located just over an hour north of the city you’ll find Harmony Meadows Alpaca, a beautiful, 10-acre farm that’s home to a number of alpacas. If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle of the city, we highly recommend spending an afternoon visiting these adorable creatures.

Address: 6185 Sixth Line RR5, Belwood

Meadowview Alpaca Farm


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This is a bit of a stretch for Toronto, but if you happen to be near Sault St. Marie you’re going to want to pay Meadowview Alpaca Farm a visit. It’s not only home to 165 alpacas that you can visit, but the farm also has an incredible shop where you can purchase beautiful clothing, bedding, yarn and toys all made from the softest alpaca fibre.

Address: RR#1, 908 Carter Side Road, Bruce Mines

Serendipity Farm

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Serendipity Farm is free to visit and is not only home to an adorable herd of alpacas, but llamas, too. When you’re done exploring the grounds and visiting with the animals, you can check out the farm store which sells beautiful handmade goods from local artisans and farmers, including clothing and accessories, seasonal produce, artwork and much more.

Address: 929 South Lavant Road, Lavant Station

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