336,000 people need to get vaccinated for Toronto to reach herd immunity

Sep 8 2021, 7:00 pm

Toronto officials say they’re confident the city can get to the 90% COVID-19 immunization rate needed to bring Delta under control.

Mayor John Tory and Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa shared COVID-19 data during an update Wednesday urging the remaining Torontonians who are not double vaccinated to get their shots.

“This is something we will get done as a city,” Tory said.

Ontario health officials have said the province needs to immunize 90% of people age 12 and up to reach herd immunity against the Delta variant — which is higher than estimated for previous less contagious strains.

In order to reach 90%, 336,000 Torontonians need to get both shots. Of them, 164,000 already have the first dose and are eligible for their second shot.

Toronto has seen an 18% increase in first-dose bookings since August 31, which de Villa said could be a response to Ontario announcing its vaccine certificate program for participation in select non-essential activities.

On September 2 and 3, Toronto saw the highest number of first dose bookings since July.

In addition to getting vaccinated, de Villa asked Torontonians to reduce their social contacts as the weather gets colder. De Villa encourages people to ask themselves which activities are necessary and which are non-essential.

She added the city is in a “frustratingly familiar” place as it heads into the fall with rising case counts and says it’s unfortunate that the season won’t be as relaxed as many would have liked.

“We have everything we need to control this in our power right now,” de Villa said. “Vaccination continues to be the best protection.”

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