It's supposed to be 10°C and sunny in Toronto this weekend

Mar 6 2020, 6:45 pm

While some of the news impacting Toronto right now may have you feeling down, this weekend’s weather forecast is offering up what we’re all needing.

Some solid vitamin D.

Saturday is supposed to be 3°C, and Sunday 10°C, with the sun shining all weekend long, according to The Weather Network.

Feels-like temps will sit at 0 and 7 respectively, while Saturday night will drop to -1°C and Sunday night will hover at 5°C.

The Weather Network

All next week, daytime temperatures aren’t expected to dip below 0°C.

The week begins with a high of 11°C that’ll feel like 9, and though there’s a chance of a shower, the day should be mostly sunny.

Tuesday is expected to be 8°C and rainy, while Wednesday may be a little chillier — 2°C — and offer up a mix of rain and snow. On Thursday, the sun will make a reappearance for a day of 3°C, and Friday closes out the week with showers and a high of 6°C.

While it looks like the rains are a comin’, we all know that’s a sure sign of spring. And at this point, a little precipitation doesn’t sound so bad if it means reaching the other side of this gruelling winter.

Meanwhile, this weekend, get out there and enjoy the sunshine. You deserve it.

Kayla GladyszKayla Gladysz

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