Get your sled out: Here's where you can go tobogganing in Toronto

Jan 17 2022, 7:24 pm

Toronto has finally been hit with a big enough snowfall to bust out the sleds and take to the hills!

While much of the City has shut down as a result of the snowstorm, tobogganing hills are open and ready for sledders.

Before we get to the fun, here are some tobogganing safety tips: check the hill for hazards like rocks, stumps and anything else you may run into; make sure there’s enough room to come to a stop at the bottom; keep an eye out for icy patches; make sure loose scarves and strings are tucked in, so they don’t get caught; walk up the sides of the hill to avoid collision with those sledding down.

OK, with that out of the way, here are Toronto’s tobogganing hills:

Toronto tobogganing hills

  • Adams Park, 2 Rozzell Road, one hill.
  • Baycrest Park, 160 Neptune Road, one hill at the south end of the park.
  • Bickford Park, 400 Grace Street, three hills.


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  • Birchmount Park, 95 Birchmount Road, one hill.
  • Bridlewood Park, 445 Huntingwood Drive, one hill.
  • Burnett Park, 352 Burnett Avenue, one hill.
  • Byng Park, 299 Pharmacy Avenue, one hill.
  • Cedarvale Park, 443 Arlington Avenue, one hill.
  • Centennial Park, 165 Centennial Park Boulevard, one hill.


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  • Charlottetown Park, 65 Charlottetown Boulevard, one hill.
  • Cornell Park, 18 Beran Drive, one hill.
  • Elizabeth Simcoe Park, 180 Sylvan Avenue, one hill.
  • Fairmount Park, 1725 Gerrard Street East, one hill.
  • Glendora Park, 201 Glendora Avenue, one hill.
  • Glen Stewart Park, 351 Glen Manor Avenue, one hill.
  • Graydon Hall Park, 215 Graydon Hall Drive, one hill.
  • Greenwood Park, 150 Greenwood Avenue, one hill.
  • Humber Sheppard Park, 3100 Weston Road, one hill.
  • L’Amoreaux Sports Complex, 100 Silver Springs Boulevard, one hill.
  • Milliken Park, 4325 McCowan Road, one hill.


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  • Murison Park, 99 Murison Boulevard, one hill.
  • Riverdale Park East, 550 Broadview Avenue, one hill.
  • Riverdale Park West, 375 Sumach Street, one hill.
  • Thomson Memorial Park, 1005 Brimley Road, one hill.
  • Weston Lions Park, 2125 Lawrence Avenue West, one hill.
  • Withrow Park, 725 Logan Avenue, one hill.


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