This tiny yellow shop is serving fierce Tibetan food in Parkdale

Jan 16 2019, 10:20 pm

Good things come in small packages.

And this tiny yellow shop, just off of Queen West, is proof of that.

Tiny Cafe is open 364 days a year, serving all-day breakfast, momos and alu dum, every day except for the Lunar New Year.

The sunny little spot is no-fuss. There’s maybe four seats in the whole place, it offers mostly take-out, and it’s cash-only. The lack of frills is what tells you it’s great: The food doesn’t need to hide behind anything extra.


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One of the traditional items this spot’s serving is butter tea.

Before Bulletproof coffee, there was this drink: Pu-er tea blended with butter, milk and salt. The perfect blend of caffeine and healthy fats to keep you energized and full, all morning long.

Expect to pay a slim $1.50 for a regular size and $2.00 for a large. That gives Starbucks a run for its money, eh?

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In terms of bites: the momos are a big deal and there are plenty of veg*n options. For those who eat cheese, there’s a spinach and paneer cheese option. The vegan version is made with veggies, tofu and black mushrooms.


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And then there’s the breakfast special. For only $7, enjoy a hearty, nutritious and simple plate of boiled eggs, phaleys, and spicy potato with a butter tea, milk tea or upgrade to bean-to-cup coffee for 50 cents extra.

The next time you’re roaming Parkdale, don’t ignore the bright yellow glow of this little spot. It’s sure to warm your tummy and heart, all at once.

Tiny Cafe

Where: 10 Macdonell Avenue
Phone: 647-573-8262


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