You can get wine-infused homemade Pop-Tarts in Toronto this February

Feb 6 2019, 10:46 pm

From rum cake to liqueur truffles, everyone knows that dessert is upgraded when it’s infused with a little booze.

And this Valentine’s day, one of your childhood favourites is getting adultified (read: improved).

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Toronto bakery The Rolling Pin, winners of The Food Network’s Donut Showdown, are taking Pop-Tarts to the next level by filling them with creamy raspberry… and red wine.

The sweet, buttery pastries will house a bright berry filling that’s infused with a Deep Layered Red by Inception. The wine offers depth and complexity that make this fun treat more gourmet.

The Rolling Pin via YBVocal

There will only be a limited number of these special desserts made, and they’ll be available for purchase at The Rolling Pin from February 12 until February 17.

And they’ll perfectly complete any V-Day meal you choose. Especially if you opt for pink, heart-shaped ravioli.

The Rolling Pin

Where: 1970 Avenue Road
When: February 12 to 17


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