Toronto rallies behind Taste of The Danforth following mass shooting

Jul 23 2018, 5:30 pm

Toronto residents are rallying together in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting on in Greektown last night and throwing their support behind the neighbourhood’s most iconic street festival.

Following the shooting which has left two victims dead and another 13 in hospital with injuries, Torontonians are reasoning that “we need to not let terror rule our lives,” and that the neighbourhood and local businesses need our support now more than ever.

A growing chorus of voices on social media today are promoting the Taste of the Danforth street festival set to take place in less than three weeks.

The annual event is among the largest street festivals in Canada and while this year was to mark its 25th year, the 2018 festival might turn into more of a show of unity rather than celebration.

Despite some safety concerns expressed on social media, it would seem that Toronto intends to show its strength in numbers joining the more than 1.5 million attendees that Taste of the Danforth attracts each year.

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