This Cabbagetown bakery is a true Toronto hidden gem

Nov 27 2018, 12:50 am

The allure of French food is hard to describe. It’s got a certain… je ne sais quoi. Maybe it’s the butter.

Whatever it is, Cabbagetown’s Tasso is serving it hot, rich and flaky.


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This micro-bakery may look nondescript from the outside… and there may be little more than standing room on the inside… but the flavours it offers will knock you onto your derrière.

The spot is only open from Friday to Sunday, starting at 9 am and closing whenever they sell out.

Which doesn’t tend to take long.

If you don’t arrive before 9 am — and often even if you do — expect to be waiting in line for these delicacies. But they’re well worth it.


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Classic butter croissants, pains au chocolat, soft madeleines, kouign ammans, cherry danishes… served alongside simple and strong coffee. This is the way to start your weekend.

Romance yourself by savouring the classic croissant layer by layer. The butter in each bite is like a European vacation, all on its own.


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Words can’t describe the deliciousness this spot is dishing out… you’ve got to taste it to understand. Do yourself the favour of rising early next weekend and seeking out this storefront.

Vous ne le regretterez pas.

(You won’t regret it.)

French bakery

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Address: 540 Parliament Street, Toronto


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