This Taiwanese Dessert spot is challenging people to eat their 10 lbs bowl of shaved ice

Aug 12 2019, 2:13 pm

With the roaring heat upon us, shaved ice has been all the rage this past summer. Some of us grew up with brightly coloured snow cones, but Asian variations on this cold treat have rolled into Toronto. Whether it’s Korean Bingsu Or Taiwanese shaved ice, each has its own delicious characteristics.

And Meet Fresh Ontario is now taking it a step further.

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Their Big Fresh Challenge—now available at their Markham and North York locations—is a $32, 10 lbs mountain of shaved ice. The best part is that if you can eat it all within 20 minutes (or in 10 minutes with the help of a friend), then you’ll be walking away with $100 cash.

Adrian Zee/Daily Hive Toronto

This mountain of shaved ice isn’t just ice though.

It is covered head to toe in red beans, Meet Fresh’s signature Q Mochi, egg and almond pudding, taro balls, tapioca, and much more. It’s also crowned with a sesame mochi at its peak and doused in condensed milk.

Taiwanese shaved ice is traditionally made with condensed milk, adzuki and mung beans, and tapioca balls. It’s also frequently served with fresh fruits like mangoes and strawberries. Before the invention of shaved ice machines, it was made by hand, using a large mallet to crush the ice.

Although this mountain of shaved ice is challenging fans of the dessert to finish it by themselves or with a partner, it was created to emulate the epitome of family and friends.

“We created this product for family and friends to share,” said Alice Chu, Managing Partner of Meet Fresh Ontario. “It’s actually perfect for 4-6 people.”

Meet Fresh is a massive Taiwanese dessert chain which was founded by a farming family in Central Taiwan. The chain now has over 700 stores worldwide, with two locations in the Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Challenge accepted!

Meet Fresh

Where: 5315 Yonge Street, North York, and 28 South Unionville Ave, Unionville.

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