A funky new snack bar just opened its doors in Parkdale (PHOTOS)

Apr 2 2019, 6:29 pm

Parkdale is on a roll with snack bars these days.

Alongside the recent opening of the city’s first Indian snack bar, the neighbourhood has welcomed another funky new resident.

Superfly, inspired by 70s New York City vibes, has opened its doors on Brock at Queen in the space that used to house Electric Mud BBQ.

With owners who have all worked for Toronto-institution The Drake Hotel, you can imagine the cool-and-chill ambiance this spot’s exuding.

But they’re making sure it stays ultra-fun, too.

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“It was important to us as we developed Superfly that we paired thoughtful and deliberate menus and atmosphere with a sense of humour and fun throughout,” co-owner Alex Pearce said, in a press release.

Khaaldun Blair / Superfly Grilled Avocado Salad

And with eight years at The Drake behind him, Chef John Kopilmae knows exactly what Toronto wants to snack on.

Veg-heads and meat lovers alike will find solace here, and the grilled avocado salad will satisfy no matter who you are.

If you thought you liked avocado toast, just wait until you try this green celebrity warm.

Khaaldun Blair / Superfly Crab Quiche

Crab quiche serves as an ideal comfort food, mixing land, sea and cozy vibes. The warming dish is freshened up with greenery on top.

Khaaldun Blair / Superfly Fried Chicken

And what’s a night out without fried chicken?

If you’ve ever tried to make it at home, you know it’s the one food that’s always worth going out for. Soak up any booze-brain you’ve got with these greasy bites.

Khaaldun Blair / Superfly Disco Dynamite

Speaking of booze: you know that’s on deck too.

From the former bar manager of Track & Field and Bangarang, there are plenty of sips to quench your thirst.

From those that look like Hemingway would choose them to ones that look like they should be enjoyed on a beach, they’ve got it.

Khaaldun Blair / Superfly

Next time you’re out and about in Parkdale, don’t worry about finding a proper “dinner” spot.

Just do some snack bar-hopping instead.


Address: 5 Brock Avenue
Phone: 416-551-9603