This 277-sq-ft studio is renting downtown Toronto for almost $2000 (PHOTOS)

Jan 2 2019, 7:35 pm

“Location, Location, Location,” because that is almost the only positive thing about this studio.

As we enter 2019’s rental market in Toronto, it’s almost not surprising to see a studio listed for almost $2,000.

But even considering Toronto is the most expensive city to rent in Canada, this is a tiny space for a big cost.

The studio, located steps away from College Station at 15 Grenville Street, is 277-sq-ft, and is listed at $1,900 per month.

But hey, dishwasher, along with washer and dryer are included, as well as storage, because the tenant will certainly need that.

Here’s the layout of the space:

According to, Karma Condos, where this studio is located, is one of the most expensive buildings to live in downtown Toronto and is 16.8% more expensive than buildings in the area.

Let’s hope that’s the case, and that this isn’t the standard norm for studio spaces or costs moving forward.

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