Skunk stuck in McFlurry container rescued by Toronto Animal Services (VIDEO)

Nov 14 2019, 12:10 pm

Toronto Animal Services came to the rescue of a skunk whose sweet tooth got the best of it, a recent video posted to Twitter shows.

As part of the organization’s #WildlifeWednesdays series, the TAS team shared a video of a skunk who had gotten its head stuck in a McFlurry container, and the rescue that followed.

“Luckily, we were able to arrive before the skunk disappeared,” reads the caption accompanying the video. “And even more luckily, we realized that the clear plastic ring was also stuck around his neck, which is bad as his air circulation can be cut off quickly.

After posting the video of the unfortunate incident, TAS offered some valuable insight about how to properly dispose of ice cream or drink vessels so that other skunks won’t find themselves in dangerous predicaments.

As it turns out, the little critters are drawn to leftover goodies, including ice cream left behind in cups, so it’s best to rinse yours out before you toss it.

Skunks: They’re just like us (tempted by ice cream). Keep them safe. Rinse your trash.