1 in 2 Canadians say they can't live without technology: survey

Oct 16 2019, 6:53 pm

Technology plays a huge part in our lives, both when we’re at work and home. Canadians love technology, and in a survey released by Simplii Financial, it was found that approximately 49% say they cannot live without it.

Well, that’s a lot.

As a society, we’re quickly becoming more digital, and this is apparent even when looking back 10 or 20 years ago (in 2000, approximately 412.8 million people were on the internet, as opposed to the 4.5 billion today).

Our habits are quickly evolving to match the world around us, thanks to the evolution of social media and mobile technology.

A recent panel held during Elevate in Toronto discussed Simplii’s Deep Dive on Digital Trends report, which was released in July. More than just banking, Simplii aimed to find out how Canadians really feel about digital technology and whether it was changing lives for the better.

During the panel, top leaders from trailblazing brands such as Shopify, Wattpad, CareGuide, Pinterest and Simplii, spoke about how Canadians are using digital tools. Panelists discussed the positive impact digital can have on our lives, and how individuals can be empowered to make the most of technology.

Joining the discussion were Jeanne Lam, General Manager, Wattpad; Corby Fine, Vice President, Simplii Financial; Zabrina Hossain, Product Lead, Shopify; John Philip Green, Chief Executive Dad, CareGuide; Erin Elofson, Country Manager, Pinterest. Shruti Shekar, a reporter from Mobile Syrup, acted as the moderator.

According to the survey, at the base of our digital adoption is the desire to simplify our lives in order to save time — 40% of Canadian’s top reason for using technology. However, it was also acknowledged that this doesn’t come without challenges; respondents noted that excessive use of technology sometimes creates feelings of anxiety and emptiness.

Because of this, it is increasingly important for brands to be more thoughtful of the technology they are offering, the panelists concluded.

Finally, the conversation noted that digital banking was the tool driving the most everyday value for Canadians when it comes to technology and digital use, with 91% stating they believe new technologies have made banking a lot more convenient.

Corby Fine, Vice President at Simplii Financial, noted Canadians are finding a lot of value in online banking tools because digital applications have simplified so much of the everyday experience, cutting down on time needed to visit branches, and making resources more accessible.

He said, “Tech and digital ecosystems should simplify the things we do and add value to our lives. We only have room for the technology that is adding value to our lives and if it’s not, it is quickly discarded.”

Most importantly, Fine expressed that banking institutions should be paying attention to trends in how consumers are using banking services so they can be adaptable and responsive to changing needs.

The discussion ended by leveraging insights from the panelists to help people understand the benefits (and challenges) Canadians are facing when it comes to technology, particularly in a world where it is so prevalent.

To read the full report or learn more about simplifying your day-to-day through technology, visit Simplii.com.

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