Seth Rogen lip syncs Drake and shouts out Toronto on Jimmy Fallon

Aug 8 2016, 4:30 pm

When it comes to battles, there is always “Hotline Bling.”

And that was Seth Rogen’s secret weapon on the latest Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle. The face off included two songs for each, and for his finale, the Vancouver native put on a grey turtle neck – and we all knew what was coming next.

“All of you guys know the summer olympics began tonight, and in honour of my beloved home country of Canada, I’m going to perform a legendary track by an amazing artist from the great city of Toronto, or the Six as he calls it,” Rogen said. “He goes by the name of Drake, and this song is Hotline Bling.”

The video, posted on YouTube and Facebook, has had over 8 million views in the past three days. In our opinion, it was what Rogen did at 7:10 that won this lip sync battle. Oh, and the turtleneck. Definitely the turtle neck too.

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