Toronto ice cream lovers just overloaded a local joint's online ordering site

Jun 11 2020, 8:01 pm

You might expect that niche-ice-cream lovers would be a low-key crowd, but a recent post by Ruru Baked proves just how fierce these folks can be.

The joint, known and beloved for weekly drops of fresh, custard-based ice cream, went live with preorders for their most recent batch of sweet goodness this afternoon.

Or, attempted to go live with preorders, we should say.

According to an Instagram post shared by the team, the response to the drop was so overwhelming, and customers placed their orders so fast, that the website couldn’t keep up.

As a result, the stock was “oversold” within four minutes of the orders opening.

Now, Ruru says their team will be refunding everyone who ordered today, because the organization of which customers actually snagged real stock would be “elaborate.”

If you (think that you) placed an order through the ice cream spot, watch out for an email from the team that will explain how they’ll be navigating a redo of the drop.

Their full explanation of the situation is below:


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