Reddit user makes TTC fantasy map with 9 lines across the city

Mar 16 2017, 1:54 pm

While the City works on its $3.35 billion one-stop Scarborough subway extension, many residents dream of a way to utilize that cash for a better transit system.

And one Reddit user recently shared their dream in the form of a fantasy map, and it truly has it all. (Of course, the fantasy is pretty much ruined when the costs of such a dream are considered.)

Reddit user JoeyJoeJoeJrShadadoo posted the fantasy map, and said they were trying to connect the city in new ways:

Making TTC fantasy Maps is practically an official pastime for Torontonians (or at least the ones who’d rather spend days on Photoshop than outside). I thought I might try my hand at it, with the set goal of creating something that could be implemented in ever-budget-conscious Toronto, while still connecting the city in new ways.

Elements of the map were taken from the official city plans, and a futuristic map created by another Torontonian.

What’s epic about this map is it has 9 lines, including a University of Toronto Scarborough loop (in fact, there’s a whole wack of Scarborough stops on this map), a Sheppard East line, a Lakeshore line, a Finch West line, and a massive Eglinton line.

Hey, JoeyJoeJoeJrShadadoo, we’d hire you!

Check out the epic map below.

TTC Fantasy Map/Imgur

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