Queen Street rush hour towing pilot kicks off today

Oct 7 2019, 12:57 pm

The new Queen Street towing pilot that’s intended to curb traffic delays kicks off today.

The pilot will run six to eight weeks during the afternoon rush hour and will take place between Fallingbrook Road (to the east) and Roncesvalles Avenue (to the west).

According to the city, tow trucks will relocate vehicles that are illegally parked along Queen Street to designated side streets, which include Cameron Street, Ryerson Avenue, Michael Sweet Avenue, and Stephanie Street.

These vehicles will be moved to other no parking/open locations.

Towing Pilot Map/City of Toronto

Shortly after the pilot kicked off on Monday afternoon, police were already reporting vehicles being towed.

Just 30-minutes into the pilot, police said they couldn’t “keep up.”

The city says it currently takes tow trucks up to 90-minutes to move illegally parked vehicles to police pounds outside of the city. The pilot is expected to shorten this time frame for tow trucks in addition to fewer delays along Queen Street.

Drivers of vehicles that are relocated/towed from Queen Street during the pilot period will receive a parking violation notice but the towing fee will be waived.

“Traffic congestion caused by illegally parked vehicles is frustrating and dangerous for transit riders, cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers,” said Mayor John Tory in a statement.

“The sooner we can get those vehicles moved, and get others on their way, the better. I look forward to seeing the results of this pilot and I’m confident it will help us in our ongoing efforts to combat congestion on Queen Street and on other busy routes in Toronto.”

If the pilot is successful, the city says staff and police would explore opportunities to run this program during morning and afternoon rush hour periods on other routes.