Police launch Operation "Beehave" to address chaos at Canada's Wonderland

May 11 2023, 4:11 pm

It was a chaotic opening weekend for Canada’s Wonderland , to say the very least, with shocking videos online showing crowds of youngsters getting into physical altercations on the park’s grounds and neighbouring plazas in the area.

Local police plan on addressing all the disruptive behaviour in an appropriately titled operation that definitely fits all the requirements of a classic dad joke.

York Regional Police (YRP) announced on Thursday that they’re increasing presence and enforcement efforts to combat incidents of mischief, threats, and “unruly behaviour” in Vaughan with the re-launch of Operation “Beehave.”

Officers responded to several calls last weekend in the area of Jane Street and Norwood Avenue, as well as on the grounds of the amusement park, according to a media release.

Although no charges were laid, several guests (mostly teenagers) were escorted out of the park by police.

YRP first launched Operation Beehave in July 2022 after multiple swarming-style robberies occurred, and the operation is set to continue through this summer as needed.

Officers deployed as part of the operation will be responsible for investigating reports of disruptive or threatening behaviour around Jane Street and Norwood Avenue, as well as in surrounding plazas and parking lots.

“York Regional Police continues to work with Canada’s Wonderland security, community members and business owners to ensure the area remains safe for guests, staff, local businesses and customers,” the media release reads.

Kimia Afshar MehrabiKimia Afshar Mehrabi

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