Leaked police memo showed potential vehicle attack threat at CN Tower

Jul 13 2018, 1:59 am

A leaked Toronto Police memo states that a credible threat regarding “a potential vehicle ramming attack in the area of the CN Tower on Thursday, July 12.”

The memo, shared by numerous media outlets, also included the police’s action plan to protect the area around the popular downtown destination.

“Intelligence Services has not received any information regarding a specific criminal extremist threat to the city of Toronto,” read the memo. “However, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, and area of large public gatherings remain as targets for lone-actors and/or terrorist/extremist groups, and their sympathizers who wish to stage high-profile attacks.”

While the note also said that “a heightened vigilance in these areas for suspicious behaviour, including pre-incident indicators, may deter criminal and extremist activity,” Toronto police said that the memo was a draft that was never approved, despite it being exactly what took place earlier in the day.

“Our officers were provided with most up to date/accurate info this morning, as was public. Our current policing response in the downtown core is appropriate based on the info we have,” tweeted Toronto Police.

On Thursday morning, Toronto Police said that a risk to public safety resulted in the deployment of more officers in the city’s downtown core today.

Acting Superintendent Michael Barksy later said that today’s increased footprint is as a result of information received – although no further details were given due to an open investigation.

Barksy confirmed that the information they received this morning pertained to the Greater Toronto Area, and that officers are being sent to any area of the city where there is usually a large number of people.

Police will continue to be present in the downtown area throughout the day, especially near the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Rogers Centre, where a Foo Fighters concert is scheduled for this evening.

Police say all scheduled events will go ahead as planned.

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