16 photos and 4 videos that show how INSANE last night's Pokemon Go party was

Jul 19 2016, 7:47 pm

If you thought Pokemon Go was a joke, you are in the minority.

How can I be sure? Well, I’m guessing you and 3ooo of your buddies didn’t get together last night to not play Pokemon Go in Toronto.

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As we told you yesterday, there was a HUGE Pokemon Go Canadian release party planned for last night at the CN Tower. And if you thought this was just another Facebook event posting that wasn’t going to amount to anything (yes, Seinfeld bar, we’re looking at you) you would have been very, very, wrong.

Here’s all the craziness you missed from last night’s Pokemon Go Canadian release party:

Pokémon go Toronto is serious! #pokemongo #pokemongotoronto #toronto

A photo posted by Hamada Teishuri (@hamadasann) on

Goddamn the #cntower is #pokemongo central right now #toronto #pokemon #pokemongotoronto

A photo posted by FenaxiZ (@fenaxiz) on

Pokemon GO GO GO GO GO #pokemongotoronto #holyshit

A photo posted by xtina (@peachschnapps_papi) on

Pokemon go launch party with @shark.kate #pokemongotoronto #teamvalor #vaporean

A photo posted by Eden (@80_eden_08) on

#PokemonGo release party at the #CNTower was a sight to see. Everybody came out and #Lured

A photo posted by Matthew Treacy (@matthewtreacy) on

Togepi was slipping past the crowd surrounding Pikachu to get a selfie.

A photo posted by Kevin Lee (@livekeen) on

Tons of people came out for the Pokemon GO CN Tower meetup!! #PokemonGo #PokemonGoToronto

A video posted by Gilbert Pierre (@gilbertp23) on

So 2016 just got weird #pokemongo #toronto #cntower

A video posted by Yoda Perron (@yogurrrt) on

#pokemonGO #cntower

A photo posted by @disarrable on

Pokemon Lure party at the CN Tower. This is literally insane. #pokemongo #cntower #lureparty #pokemon #canada

A video posted by Carlos Batista (@charlitos_) on

Pokemon Go party #cntower #pokemongo

A photo posted by Priscila Simões Tchorbadjian (@ptchorba) on

Pokémon Go release party😂 This game is jokes. #pokemonGo #Toronto #CNTower

A photo posted by Braidz (@braidz905) on

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