The Toronto weekend getaway you have to take

Aug 27 2016, 2:14 am

Pelee Island is five hours from Toronto if you include the ferry ride.

And, unless you’re one hell of a swimmer, you have to include the ferry ride.

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That’s because the 42 sq. km island is located in Lake Erie, about 3o km off the southern shore of western Ontario and is itself, in fact, the southern most point in the entire country. So south is Pelee Island that it’s closer to the equator than both Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois.

Which means two things. One, that it’s the perfect distance from Toronto (far enough that you feel far gone, not too far that you can’t do it for a weekend) and two, that it has traditionally enjoyed one of the mildest climates in all of Canada.

Not a bad place to take a late summer road trip too, in other words.

So whether it’s this weekend, the long weekend, a September road trip, or you have to wait until next summer to hit Pelee Island, we promise it’s worth going to. It – quite literally – has something for everyone.

World class wine? Yup.
Multiple beaches? You know it.
Fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, kayaking? All of ’em.

Add in a cute place to stay (can we interest you in a B&B or waterfront cottage?), wine tours, acclaimed restaurants, a freakin’ lighthouse, and an island-wide trail system for biking around and we can’t believe we don’t already live there.

But don’t just take our word for it, trust the ‘gram.

See you in the south soon.


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Idk what these are, but I want jump from one to the other #peleeisland #pelee

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fun and games on lorain lane

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