Pearson Airport adds a new pet relief station for pups on the go

Nov 4 2021, 6:17 pm

Travelling internationally with your dog? Pearson Airport has just made it a little easier with its new pet relief area in Terminal 1.

The pet relief area for international arrivals opened last week and is one of 10 in the airport. The areas are great spots for your pet to use the washroom and stretch their legs after a long flight.

The pet relief areas offer a post-security spot for passengers’ pets to relieve themselves after arriving, before departing or between connecting flights.

“The in-ground flush system ensures that when an animal uses the area, any residue is removed from the area and dealt with in a similar way to any waste from washroom facilities,” Beverly MacDonald, a spokesperson with Greater Toronto Airports Authority, told Daily Hive in an email.

She added that pet owners are still expected to pick up after their pets.

So far, the pet relief areas have received positive feedback from travellers and their tail-wagging travel buddies.

The expanded pet relief area is part of a wider initiative to make travel more accessible. In addition to the pet relief centres, Pearson Airport has worked to make their kiosks accessible to everyone. They’ve also improved their way-finding technology for travellers with vision loss and trained guide dogs so that they are familiar with airport processes.


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