Toronto shop giving away FREE wine to people who have been laid off

Apr 29 2020, 3:22 pm

Nothing goes with not working like drinking fine wine.

We’re not joking.

When the money isn’t coming in, frugality is important, but so is the practice of finding ways to treat yourself. Because your value is inherent, and doesn’t depend on whether or not you’re working right now.

The folks behind Paradise Grapevine understand the importance of leaning into these strange times with small moments of joy and pleasure, and, as such, are giving away free vino.

There are 50 free bottles of 2019 Riesling on the market, available through the spot’s online web store.

To make it happen, navigate the site to purchase a bottle of 2019 Paradise Riesling, and at checkout, use the code GOTLAID. The total should go down to $2 — the price of a bag of chips, because snacks must be sold with wine, for legal reasons.


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There’s a one-bottle limit per person, and the offer is pick-up only. Cheers to that, and to you.

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