Ontario NDP pledge to raise minimum wage, introduce four-day workweek

Apr 29 2022, 2:01 pm

As campaigning gets underway ahead of the June 2 Ontario election, the NDP is making some big promises to workers.

One of the promises that the NDP was quick to make was to raise the minimum wage. Currently, the minimum wage is slated to rise to $15.50 per hour in October, up from $15 per hour.

The Ontario NDPs say they will raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour in 2026, with annual $1 increases after that.

While any increase is good, and a boost of $4.50 per hour could be life-changing for many people, it’s not a liveable wage in all major Ontario cities.

Today, $20 per hour would be a liveable wage in most of the province, with a couple of exceptions. In Toronto, the living wage is $22.08 per hour, according to OntarioLivingWage.ca.

The NDP doesn’t just promise an increased minimum wage; the party also plans to legislate 10 paid sick days. They also intend to implement a four-day workweek pilot project, something the Liberals have pledged to do.

In addition, the party is making commitments to lower rent, make housing more affordable and take action on climate change, to name a few. You can read their platform on their website.

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