"Finally!": After playing "forever," Ontario man plans to share lottery win with family

Aug 2 2022, 8:20 pm

An Ontario man is finally reaping the benefits of his patience (and persistence) after playing the lottery for a pretty long time.

“I’ve been playing the lottery forever,” said John Magro, a resident of Woodbridge.

He purchased a lottery ticket from Steeles West Convenience on Steeles Avenue in North York. With his family always on his mind, he chose numbers made up of dates significant to his loved ones.

Magro, who works in the furniture industry, recalls waking up early the morning after the June 28 Lotto Max draw to check his ticket.

“I checked my ticket on the OLG App before going to work and I saw ‘Big Winner’ appear on the screen,” he said. “I thought to myself, ‘Finally!'”

John Magro/OLG

Magro won a life-changing MaxMillions prize worth $1 million and, unable to hold his excitement, he shared the news with his wife right away.

But when it came to telling the rest of the family, he decided to wait just a little longer.

“We waited to tell the rest of the family until they were home from vacation,” he said. “Everyone is so excited!”

Magro said that he plans to enjoy his win with his family.

“They’re the most important people in my life,” he said. “Sharing this will fill me with happiness.”

Looks like a Magro family vacation is in order.

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