Ontario grocery stores start selling wine today

Oct 28 2016, 11:59 am

You’ll now be able to purchase a bottle of pinot when picking ingredients for dinner at select Toronto supermarkets.

And hey, no judgment here on whether you plan to drink it with a home-cooked beef bourguignon or a bag of ketchup chips.

Selected through a competitive bidding process, 70 grocery stores in Ontario have been granted government approval to stock wine.

Beer and cider sales were introduced to grocery store aisles earlier this year with the intent to eventually expand availability to 450 stores across the province.

Wine sales will eventually be rolled out at 300 grocery stores in Ontario but for now, are available at mix of big box and indie retail outlets. While we know that some Loblaws, Metros, Sobeys, and Farm Boys will be carrying wine, exact location details in the GTA have yet to be announced.

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