Ford government considering raising speed limits on 400 series highways

May 1 2019, 6:59 pm

The Ford Government say’s it’s looking at raising speed limits on provincial highways, according to Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek.

“The 400-series highways were built for, I believe, a speed limit of 120 km/h safely,” said Yurek, at a press conference on Wednesday.

While details on which highways could potentially see increased speed limits, or how much limits could increase has yet to be announced, Yurek says the Ford government will be launching a province-wide consultation on the matter.

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“Tomorrow, in the legislature, I will introduce the Getting Ontario Moving Act. If passed, it will give us the legislative tools to upload ownership of future subway expansion projects to the province, so we can get them built faster,” said Yurek.

The changes in the act also include increasing fines for slow-moving drivers that travel in the left-hand lane.

“When people drive dangerously slow, the safety of others is put at risk,” said Yurek.

Raising speed limits is just one of the many items the provincial government is looking at tabling at Queen’s Park this week.

Yurek also announced on Wednesday that the Ford government is planning to introduce legislation to upload Toronto’s subway system to the province on Thursday.

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