This Ontario city is about to become a cruise ship destination

Jun 29 2021, 6:16 pm

One Ontario city is about to become a cruise ship hub for several Great Lakes cruise lines.

Port Colborne, located on the northeast side of Lake Erie, near Niagara, is the newest docking site for Great Lakes cruises — a move that will boost tourism and economic benefits in the area. Viking Cruises and Victory Cruise lines have already added Port Colborne to their itinerary lists, with others expected to follow suit.

“We are excited to welcome guests to Port Colborne and showcase all our city has to offer,” said Port Colborne Mayor Bill Steele. “We are working with experts in Great Lakes cruising and the St. Lawrence Seaway to prepare for this increase in activity and utilize the opportunity it provides to bring tourists closer to local businesses and the community.”

Great Lakes cruises, which typically have anywhere from 180 to 420 passengers on board, sail through the narrow passageways of the St. Lawrence Seaway, allowing guests to explore the lake’s shorelines in a new way. With Port Colborne being so close to Niagara and all the area has to offer, it was a natural choice for a cruise ship destination.

“The cruise industry has broadly accepted the logistics of using Port Colborne as a docking location to visit the Niagara region,” Steele said. “Few ports, if any, on the Great Lakes have such a captive audience. It is fair to say that every ship visiting Niagara on the Great Lakes will eventually arrive on the doorstep of Port Colborne.”

Plans to develop the waterfront and Welland Canal lands in Port Colborne are currently in progress to create a system for passengers to disembark and visit local attractions.

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