This new app wants to reward Torontonians for driving safely

Oct 21 2019, 4:17 pm

Admit it, at least once in your adult driving life you’ve thought about how cool it would be if you were actually playing Mario Kart IRL.

Think dodging rogue shells, throwing bananas at that person who cut you off, and getting that much-needed mushroom boost so you can overtake at the lights.

But while that fantasy is probably best left to the world of video games, Onlia’s new app, Onlia Sense, could just be the next best (and much safer) thing. The app scores you out of 100 on your safe driving, and drivers earn points for how good they are at things like accelerating, braking, turning corners, and not speeding.

Onlia Sense app/Onlia Sense

Fun and games (and banana peels) aside, though, the most important thing about being on the road is being a safe driver. After all, a car is a big responsibility. And safety is what the Onlia Sense app is all about.

The app has a ton of safe-driving features; all you need to do is run it in the background while you’re driving and put it away so you can concentrate on the road. It then analyses your driving, checking for things like if you applied the brakes in time for a stop, took a turn smoothly, kept your speed under control, or became distracted. The safer you drive, the more points you get.

Texting while driving/Shutterstock

The app also tracks your distraction whilst driving, monitoring activity like your phone usage. Using the map of your journey, you’ll be able to track exactly where and when your driving was top-notch, as well as the times where you might have sneakily checked that new text message.

Fantasies of being Princess Peach rolling in to collect your gold trophy at the prize-giving parade? Hit your high score by enacting these safe driving tactics as much as possible. Drivers receive “badges” and perks every time they hit a new milestone.


Winners that hit the best 1% of safe drivers will win a $100 Starbucks Card. Runners up that complete at least 15 consecutive trips without getting distracted using their phone will get a $5 Starbucks Card.

It keeps going: a 10% improvement on your driving from last month will get you $20 at Starbucks, as will driving a whole month without distracted driving.

The new Onlia Sense app is created by Onlia, a Canadian company offering a suite of digital safety products that is all about making our roads safer with products like roadside assistance and digital auto insurance.

Onlia Sense users that also purchase Onlia’s roadside assistance and auto insurance product can earn anywhere between $5-$40 in additional monthly cashback rewards through the app.

Onlia Sense’s end goal (or should we say, finish line) is to make drivers safer, reward safe driving behaviour, and ultimately decrease accidents on the road. Best of all, the Onlia Sense app that coaches you to be a safer driver is free to all Canadians.

Join the other 80,000 Canadians that have already downloaded Onlia Sense. Get it now on the App Store, Google Play Store, or at

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