10 things you can get delivered on-demand in Toronto

Dec 15 2016, 9:17 pm

As if you really need convincing not to leave the house when the weather turns for the worse, here’s a whole bunch of really good reasons not to.

Mainly, because there’s really no need.

In Toronto, you can get practically anything delivered to your doorstep – so why not take full advantage and let someone else schlep around the city on your behalf.

Here are 10 on-demand delivery services that’ll make a rainy/snowy/blizzardy just the slightest bit more manageable.


The delivery options in Toronto have never been so bountiful. UberEats, Foodora, JustEat, DoorDash, they’ve got an abundance of menus to peruse and ample selections of hot comfort foods; ramen, lasagna, khao soi, etc. to choose from.


Grocery Gateway, Instabuggy, FoodiePages… you can totally be the hermit you’ve always wanted to be with grocery delivery services like these. They’ll bring you TP, toothpaste, milk, eggs, soup, whatever.


Feeling thirsty and stir crazy? Bring the party to you. Thirstie lets Toronto residents shop a standard selection of bottles and have them delivered on-demand. Take that, two to seven day LCBO home delivery.


Walk-in retail head shops are great… until it snows that is. Re-up, queue up Netflix and take advantage of a chilly day to binge-watch these new releases.

Snow Removal

You don’t need to have a standing snow removal contract to get someone else to do the back-breaking work on your behalf. There’s totally an app for that: Jiffy.


Do your joints ache when the weather is at its worst? Get an RMT to visit your home with this nifty app from a Canadian start-up.


Sick and sniffling at home? Snowed in and out of birth control? Dude, that might actually be where babies come from.

In Toronto, there’s Pilly.ca, an online service that’ll fulfill your ‘scripts and deliver them for free on the same day.


You will not regret skipping a trip to the laundromat or dry cleaner in bad weather… until you need clothes on Monday morning that is. Get you dirty clothes (minimum 10 lbs) picked up from your doorstep and then, like a magical laundry fairy, returned clean, pressed and/or folded.

A Glam Squad

Neither rain, sleet, or hail will keep you from going out tonight. Want a little help getting ready? Order makeup and hair stylists straight to your pad… hopefully, they’ll bring industrial strength waterproof mascara and some miracle defrizz serum for your hair.

A Ride

Seriously? You’re still going to go out in this? Order yourself a cab and give yourself extra time, or brace yourself for Uber surge pricing.

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