Local butcher shop accepting nominations for free food boxes

May 4 2020, 7:46 pm

During a time when normal routines have shifted and many individuals are struggling, some local restaurants and stores who have goods to spare are giving back to the community.

Portuguese butcher Nosso Talho is an example of such a spot.

The Richmond Hill location of the local butcher shop has announced a new initiative dubbed the “Helping Hand Package,” wherein individuals can be nominated to receive a free box of goods from the store.

Submissions and requests can be sent to [email protected], and should include your name and phone number, as well as the name of the person or family who would be receiving the box.

The submissions will be reviewed each week and one recipient will be selected to receive a gift box.

“Please, if you know or need someone who needs help, we encourage you to email us,” the shop said in a letter shared to social media. “While we know that it is impossible to help everyone, we will try to help as many families as possible.”

Having launched at the beginning of May, this offering will be “continuing into the foreseeable future.”

Packages will include meats, vegetables, and dry goods, and will be delivered directly to homes.

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