You can officially zipline across Niagara Falls this summer

Jun 10 2016, 1:39 am

That title you just read is real.

And it is terrifying amazing.

Wild Play Element Parks has set up not one, but four lengthy ziplines across Niagara freakin’ Falls. So this summer you’ll be able to rip across the wide river gorge at a stunning 670 metres (2,200 feet), catching a never-before-seen view of the American and Canadian falls upstream with an exhilarating adrenaline rush sure to make the Maid of the Mist feel like a quiet ride in a kiddie pool.

The ride will reportedly last a whopping 35-seconds (definitely long enough for you to stain your favourite shorts) between Niagara Parks Grand View Marketplace and the Ontario Power Company building at the base of Horseshoe Falls.

At $49.99 a person, we have to admit this sounds like the best $1.40 per second you’ll spend this summer.

Just don’t drop your iPhone in the whirlpool as you try to capture the perfect Insta pic.

Eric WainwrightEric Wainwright

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