33 must-try brunch dishes in Toronto

Oct 26 2016, 3:10 am

Brunch is a big deal in Toronto.

The favourite weekend activity is an indulgence anyone can afford (just don’t opt for $15 Caesars and you should be fine). It serves as the perfect excuse to socialize, feast and kickstart some well deserved day-drinking after a long work week.

Find everything from classic bacon and eggs to extravagant stacks of hot cakes on this list of essential Toronto brunch dishes.

Churro Pancakes from El Caballito

This doughnut-pancake hybrid is a star on the menu at the Mexican cantina’s Saturday brunch. They’re studded with chocolate chips, smothered in piloncillo syrup and accompanied by fresh fruit on the side.

Address: 220 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-6289838
Instagram: @elcaballito220

The Cairo Classic at Maha’s

Egyptian brunch on the east side wouldn’t be complete without this hearty plate of fava beans with a sliced boiled egg, falafel, and creamy tomato feta.

Address: 226 Greenwood Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-462-2703
Instagram: @mahasbrunch

Coca Cola Brisket Cornbread from Rose & Sons

Hot off the griddle, this dish features a fried egg with Brie and caramelized onions loaded onto a slab of crisped up cornbread.

Address: 176 Dupont Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-342-0356
Instagram: @fatpasha

The Beastwich from Beast

The signature breafast sandwich from Chef Scott Vivian starts with a buttermilk biscuit loaded with fried chicken thigh, pimento, fried egg and sausage gravy.

Address: 96 Tecumseth Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-352-6000
Instagram: @scottvivian

Pastrami Benedict from Skin + Bones

A photo posted by Skin+Bones (@skinandbonesto) on

Address: 980 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-524-5209
Instagram: @skinandbonesto

Uova Rossa at Bar Buca

A photo posted by Buca (@bucatoronto) on

Duck egg yolks, bay scallop, pine nuts and crispy prosciutto all play into this eggy Italian-inflected dish from Chef Rob Gentile.

Address: 75 Portland Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-599-2822
Instagram: @bucatoronto

The Jeremy Lin from Kanpai

A photo posted by U-Feast (@u_feast) on

The Taiwanese street food spot in Cabbagetown servesup this night market style chicken schnitzel at brunch. It comes topped with red cabbage slaw and a runny egg.

Address: 252 Carlton Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-968-6888
Instagram: @kanpaisnackbar

Black ‘n Blue Flapjacks from School

The brunch specialist in Liberty Village does tall stacks drenched in blackberry and blueberry sauce then finished with brown sugar butter.

Address: 70 Fraser Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-588-0005
Instagram: @schoolresto

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Moroccan scramble at Lady Marmalade

A photo posted by Agnes Chow (@achowa) on

Spiced chickpeas, olives and medley of vegetables play into this scramble made with a choice of eggs or tofu.

Address: 898 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 647-351-7645
Instagram: @ladymretaurant

Verscht and Eggs from Fat Pasha

A photo posted by fat pasha (@fatpasha) on

Fried beef salami and scrambled eggs are staples on Chef Anthony Rose’s breakfast table.

Address: 414 Dupont Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-342-0356
Instagram: @fatpasha

The Brekwich at Emma’s Country Kitchen

A photo posted by Meesh (@meeshluo) on

Homestyle comfort foods are the specialty at this St. Clair West kitchen. The handheld breakfast is built on a buttermilk biscuit loaded with a runny egg, cheese and a choice of meat.

Address: 810 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto
Phone: 416-652-3662
Instagram: @emmascountrykitc

Vegan eggs from Doug’s Public Kitchen

A photo posted by Doug McNish (@dougmcnish) on

Doug McNish has found a way for vegans to get their egg porn on too. The eggless yolks can be found atop avocado toast, benedicts and more.

Address: 561 Marlee Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 647-341-1736
Instagram: @dougmcnish

Octopus Frittata from The Commodore

The seafood spot in Parkdale serves up this egg dish laced with tentacles, spicy chorizo and caramelized onions.

Address: 1265 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-537-1265
Instagram: @the.commodore.to

Toast Soldiers Easy Restaurant

If basic avocado toast can have 15 minutes of fame, then so too can this ultra simple but delicious classic featuring soft boiled eggs and dippable toast strips.

Address: 1645 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-537-4893
Instagram: @easyrestaurant

Halim from Takht-E Tavoos

A photo posted by @outandabout.to on

The traditional Persian porridge comes studded with chunks of lamb, drizzled with melted butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
Address: 1120 College Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-352-7322

Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal from Cacao 70

A photo posted by CACAO 70 (@cacao70) on

Address: 28 Gristmill Lane, Toronto
Phone: 416-216-8686

Address: 485 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-345-5288

Instagram: @cacao70

Breakfast pockets from Aunties & Uncles

A photo posted by Asuka (@_asuka____) on

This popular week-round brunch destination is home to some of the most delicious AND cheapest breakfast in town. For less than $10 devour one of Toronto’s best peameal bacon sandwiches (egg and cheese included) with a pile of truly addictive home fries. Bring cash and be prepared to wait for a table — this place isn’t a secret.

Address: 74 Lippincott Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-324-1375

Brunch Buffet at Saravanaa Bhavan

The South Indian brunch buffet is stocked with dosa, utthappam, poori, ghee pongal, vada, rava, kichidi, idly, and more.
Address: 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Toronto
Phone: 416-293-755

Red Velvet Pancakes from The Good Fork

A photo posted by BEEYO Ltd. (@beeyo_skincare) on

Ruby red flapjacks topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting are just one of the tempting sweet thangs available at brunch at this Bloor West Village restaurant.

Address: 2432 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-352-5955
Instagram: @thegoodforkto

Muggles Breakfast from The Lockhart

While there’s nothing techinically magical about this breakfast, it’s more than worth crawling out of your cupboard under the stairs for. Ron would leave Hermione for a this offering of grilled cheese, bacon, and hashbrowns.

Address: 1479 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-748-4434
Instagram: @thelockhartto

Bacon Waffle Sticks from Starving Artist

Dippable bacon strips ironed into the golden batter and served with a little pot of maple syrup.

Address: 810 College Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-348-1133

Address: 1078 St. Clair West, Toronto
Phone: 416-901-7479

Address: 584 Lansdowne Ave , Toronto
Phone: 647-342-5058

Instagram: @starving4waffle

Mirza Ghasemi from Kad Banu

A photo posted by Fiona Cheung (@foodsofi) on

Smoked eggplant and fried eggs are a staple at Persian brunch served at this Dundas West restaurant.

Address: 771 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-366-2268
Instagram: @kadbanutoronto

Cream Cheese & Lox from What A Bagel

A photo posted by Anna Po (@a.n.n.a.p.o) on

The iconic Jewish breakfast sandwich is done right at this downtown bagelria.

Address: 130 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 647-347-7222
Instagram: @whatabagel130spadina

Chef Leary’s Special Creation from Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

A photo posted by LINDSAY RHEE (@lindsayrhee) on

Look forward to hangover helpers on the menu like this hearty dish packed with oxtail, cornbread, and eggs.

Address: 85 Hanna Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-588-5695
Instagram: @mildredstemplekitchen

Seasonal Scrambles at Saving Grace

A photo posted by Isidora (@isidoraterpenka) on

Expect weekly features that tap into seasonal cravings at this DuWest brunch destination where the chalkboard menu changes from day to day.

Address: 907 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-706-7368
Instagram: @savinggraceto

Breakfast sandwiches from Campo

Breakfast sandwiches crafted on croissants and stacked with cured meats or fish, poached eggs and fresh veggies are among the highlights on the menu at Campo.

Address: 244 Jane Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-346-2267
Instagram: @campo_restaurant

Breakfast poutine from Ashdale Espresso

The off-menu item (available by request) features fries smothered in cheese and hollandaise sauce and comes crowned with a poached egg and strips of bacon.

Address: 1560 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 647-479-8170
Instagram: @ashdaleespresso

Cajun Bennies from Hollandaise Diner

A photo posted by Bar Rebels (@bar_rebels) on

Benedicts are the main event at this Danforth East diner. Find variations on the brunchtime standard like this poached egg over sauteed peppers doused in spicy hollandaise sauce.

Address: 2231 Danforth Avenue, Toronto
Instagram: @hollandaisediner

Congee from Kupfert & Kim

A photo posted by Kupfert & Kim (@kupfertkim) on

The location on Spadina serves brunch. Try this steaming bowl of brown rice and veggies, topped up with kimchi to help wake up your taste buds.

Address: 140 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-504-2206
Instagram: @kupfertkim

The Full English from The Queen & Beaver

A photo posted by Ryan Cavill (@ryanwildgoose) on

The classic pub breakfast comes packed with a pair of eggs, bacon, pork and sage sausage with tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and fried bread or toast on the side.

Address: 35 Elm Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-347-2712
Instagram: @qbpub

Fried Chicken and Ube Waffles from Platito

A photo posted by Y U K I ♡ (@pekopekolife) on

Fried chicken and waffles Filipino style! This eye popping plate tastes as good as it looks.

Address: 35 Baldwin Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-347-0135
Instagram: @platitotoronto

Cuban brunch from La Cubana

A photo posted by @a_cotton_tong on

Cuban breakfasts at the Roncy hotspot (note the Ossington outpost doesn’t do brunch) entails slow roasted pork and poached with eggs, rice and beans, tostones and slaw.

Address: 392 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-538-7500
Instagram: @lacubana_to

Brunch bowl from Lola’s Kitchen

Short ribs, caramelized onions, arugula and eggs amount to one very satisfying morning meal.

Address: 634 Church Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-966-3991
Instagram: @lolaskitchento

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