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23 must-try vegan dishes in Toronto

Liora Ipsum Oct 19, 2016 5:46 am 407

Toronto leaves nothing for want when it comes to vegan eating.

What was once a sea of salads and side dishes has recently evolved into a vibrant landscape of cross-cultural comforts, greasy bar snacks, burgers, fine dining and brunch.

Here is the ultimate vegan dish bucket list to try in Toronto.

Avo Toast from Doug’s Public Kitchen

A photo posted by Doug McNish (@dougmcnish) on

Toast is trending at brunch at Doug’s on weekends. The precursor to vegan Benedicts and banana French toast is available on a choice of sprouted grain bread or gluten-free chia bread and comes topped with seasoned farmers’ veggies and an optional vegan egg.

Address: 561 Marlee Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 647-341-1736
Instagram: @dougmcnish

Congee from Kupfert & Kim

A photo posted by Kupfert & Kim (@kupfertkim) on

The flagship restaurant on Spadina is home to this Chinese rice poridge. Here the steaming bowl comes packed with brown rice, bok choy, kale, carrots, mushrooms, and zucchini then topped with a medley of sesame seeds, scallions, dulse and kimchi.

Address: 140 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-504-2206
Instagram: @kupfertkim

18-Carrot Dog from Planta

A photo posted by Planta (@plantatoronto) on

Vegan fine dining with a fun twist is the specialty at this Yorkville restaurant. Here, crispy roasted carrots stand in for sausage on a bun and get dressed in mustard and sauerkraut with a pickle and fries served on the side.

Address: 1221 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-348-7000
Instagram: @plantatoronto

Pub grub at D-Beatstro

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Who says vegan eating has to be healthy? D-Beatstro proves vegans like to get down and dirty as much as their meat-eating peers. The menu boasts deep fried delicacies like seitan wings, cashew sticks and other favourites smothered in hot sauce.

Address: 1292 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-533-2328
Instagram: @dbeatstro

Nachos at The Hogtown Vegan

Comfort foods at this Bloorcourt eatery include house-fried nachos blanketed in “cheese” sauce with black beans, guac’, tomatoes and sunflower sour cream.

Address: 1056 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-901-9779
Instagram: @hogtownvegan

Vegan Big Macs at Doomie’s

Vegans longing for a taste of McD’s will find what they’re looking for at this Parkdale snack bar. Two patties with cashew cheese, special sauce, “shred-uce”, onions and pickles taste remarkably like the real thing.

Address: 1263 Queen Street West, Toronto
Instagram: @doomiestoronto

Zucchini Bolognese at Rawlicious

A photo posted by linh tr. (@thefoodiebloggurl) on

Satisfy cravings for noodles and sauce at this raw, vegan chain of restaurants. This pasta dish is actually pasta-less, featuring spiralized zucchinis tossed in tomato marinara, pesto and crumbled nut loaf.

Address: 785 Bathurst Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-519-7150
Instagram: @ifeelrawlicious

See also

Pizza from Apiecalypse Now!

Near Christie Pits park, this vegan snack bar slings dairy-free slices and whole pies. Look forward to options like the Fat Mac, essentially a vegan Big Mac in pizza form.

Address: 735 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-516-4555
Instagram: @pizzapiecalypse/

Tofu Makhani from YamChops

A photo posted by YamChopsTo (@yamchopsto) on

Like butter chicken without the chicken… or butter. This comforting bowl of tofu in a cashew cream sauce comes served over a base of quinoa or brown rice.

Address: 705 College Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-645-0117
Instagram: @yamchopsto

Carmenta Salad at The Goods

Crispy chickpeas, hemp seeds and smoky coconut top this delicious kale salad tossed in a creamy caesar dressing.

Address: 1255 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-340-GOOD
Instagram: @thegoodsisgood

Soups and salads from VegHed

A photo posted by vanessaheins (@vanessaheins) on

The seasonal menu from this DuWest take-out counter is always in flux. Tell your taste buds to expect the unexpected.

Address: 1199 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-841-6673
Instagram: @veghed_bar

No-bake desserts from Sweet Hart Kitchen

Raw, no-bake, vegan and gluten-free desserts are what Sweet Hart Kitchen does best. While there’s no brick and mortar space to direct you towards, online orders are available with just 48 hours notice.

Instagram: @sweethartkitchen

Breadwiches from Urban Herbivore

Wrap your fists around one of these massive sandwiches from the locally famous lunch counter. Standouts include the Potato Club with coconut bacon and cheeze crafted on house baked bread.

Address: 967 College Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-645-0349

Address: 64 Oxford Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-927-1231

Address: Eaton Centre, 220 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-847-1007

Instagram: @urban_herbivoreto

Loaded fries from Grasshopper

Curry fries, kimchi fries, chili “cheese” fries are all on the menu from this vegan eatery with locations on College Street and in the Junction.

Address: 3080 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-604-3474

Address: 310 College Sreet, Toronto
Phone: 647-340-3666

Instagram: @grasshopperrestaurant

Bean Burritos at Thrive Organic Kitchen

Guacamole, black beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, cilantro, spinach, and a creamy chipotle cashew sauce all play into this massive wrap at the plant-based cafeteria in Etobicoke.

Address: 3473 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto
Phone: 416-252-7700
Instagram: @thriveorganic

Tofu club from Bloomer’s

A photo posted by bloomer’s (@bloomersto) on

Join the club at this Annex cafe where grilled tofu comes stacked on a triple decker sandwich with bean n’ buckwheat bacon, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and sriracha mayo.

Address: 873 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-551-0532
Instagram: @bloomersto

Doughnuts from Through Being Cool Vegan

Mmmmm. D’oh-nuts. Need I say more?

Address: 1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-998-3321
Instagram: @tbcvegan

Dim Sum at Zen Gardens

Vegans like to yum cha too.

Address: 6980 Maritz Drive #6, Mississauga
Phone: 905-461-2498

Crepes from Hibiscus

A photo posted by @cyyzkden on

The vegetarian cafe offers buckwheat crepes for vegans folded around daity-free mozzarella, tomato, basil and spinach, as well as a vegan cheddar-chutney-pecan-pear variation.

Address: 238 Augusta Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-364-6183
Instagram: @hibiscus_cafe

Caribbean Combos at Vital-Life Vegan

A photo posted by Jasmine Bonavia (@jaebovia) on

Get your vegan lunch box over-loaded with channa, rice, chow mein, mac and cheese a more when you visit this take-out joint in Kensington Market.

Address: 14 St Andrew Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-977-0640
Instagram: @hibiscus_cafe

The Onion Rings from Fresh

A photo posted by Diala Canelo (@dialaskitchen) on

Is it possible to visit Fresh and not get an order of quinoa-coated onion rings. I wouldn’t know. I never have.

Address: 326 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-599-4442

Address: 147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-599-4442

Address: 894 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-599-4442

Address: 90 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto
Phone: 416-599-4442

Instagram: @freshrestaurants

Moroccan Pad Thai from Vegetarian Haven

This fusion dish features vermicelli tossed with a medley of beans and veg with a blend of Moroccan herbs and spices.

Address: 90 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto
Phone: 416-599-4442
Instagram: @vegetarianhaven

Breakfast Sandwiches at Tori’s Bakeshop

Start the day off right with this hearty, handheld breakfast from this bakeshop in The Beach(es).

Address: 2188 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 647-350-6500
Instagram: @torisbakeshop

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