Museum Station will be closing early for fare gate construction

Oct 31 2017, 5:10 pm

The TTC has announced another early station closure this week due to fare gate construction.

This week and next, Museum Station will close at 10 pm on Wednesday and Thursday nights, November 1 and 2, and November 6 and 7, for fare gate construction. According to the TTC, closing early is necessary to complete the floor work that cannot be done when the station is open.

During the closures, subway trains will pass through the station without stopping.

The new modern, paddle-style gates are equipped with PRESTO readers and improve customer flow by providing an unobstructed path into and out of stations. The gates are in place today at 46 stations and 77 entrances.

Along with Museum Station, fare gate work also continues at Queen Station with the station closing (and train service bypassing) at 11 pm nightly until the end of November. Over the coming weeks, four other subway stations will close early or on weekends for fare gate construction.

These stations include:

St Andrew Station: weekend closure – 10 pm Nov. 10 to 6 am Nov. 13
College Station: early closures – 10 pm Nov. 14, 15, 16 and 20
Osgoode Station: weekend closure – 10 pm Dec. 1 until 6 am Dec 4
Queen’s Park Station: early closures – 10 pm Dec. 6, 7, 11 and 12

When the fare gate installation is complete next spring, the TTC says that every subway station and every entrance will have new gates and accept PRESTO. All TTC buses and streetcars accept PRESTO today.

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