Midnight Basketball League is back with Raptors, MLSE partnership

Mar 25 2022, 3:46 pm

Midnight Basketball League has been revamped and is returning to Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) for the first time since 2019.

Originally founded by TCHC in 2013, the Midnight Basketball League is a way for boys aged 14 to 18 to develop skills both on and off the court. In partnership with the Toronto Raptors and MLSE Foundation, the league has been revamped to focus on relationship building, teamwork and basketball skills.

Off the court, the league has developed weekly workshops to teach the boys life skills that will apply to school, the workplace, sports and day-to-day life.

“We’re grateful to MLSE Foundation, the Toronto Raptors and the University of Toronto for their partnership in delivering Midnight Basketball League to our tenants. The program is invaluable in supporting our youths to not only develop basketball skills but also learn about physical health, team-building and healthy competition,” Jag Sharma, president and CEO of TCHC, said in a statement.

The program will run in the spring and summer on Friday nights. Youth from six TCHC communities will play at the University of Toronto.

This season, the eighth for the program, will be longer than previous seasons and will focus on academic, workplace and athletic growth. The season will kick off on March 25.

“In this program, and at this place, the game is what matters, not your background, your neighbourhood or your school. The Raptors are a part of this community, and we’re here to set an example, to be a support, and to inspire – and be inspired by – the young people we meet and serve at programs like Midnight Basketball,” John Wiggins, vice president of Organizational Culture and Inclusion with the Toronto Raptors, said in a statement.

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