Loblaws bringing grocery delivery in reusable containers to Toronto

Jun 6 2019, 3:10 am

Loop, founded by TerraCycle, was unveiled at this year’s World Economic Forum.

With the announcement came a renewed sense of hope about the human drive to preserve the planet.

And a wish that, after the US got their share of the experience, the milkman-model sustainable delivery platform would make its way to Canada.

Well, the time has come.

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The company announced today that thanks to a partnership with Loblaws, the service will be launching in Toronto in early 2020.

Starting next year, participants in the Toronto pilot will be able to receive select products from President’s Choice and other national brands in reusable containers, delivered right to their doors.

“There is too much plastic waste,” said Galen Weston, Executive Chairman of Loblaw Companies Limited, in a release.

“Our industry is part of the problem and we can be part of the solution. Our partnership with Loop is a powerful example of entrepreneurial innovators working with like-minded large enterprise to bring a meaningful solution to a real problem,” Weston said.

Loop Media Room

Loop’s concept is essentially a milkman model. In the same way that glass bottles of milk used to be delivered to your doorstep, common household products will be available for delivery in containers that won’t end up in a landfill.

Because the containers aren’t for keeps.

Shampoo, ice cream, laundry detergent, skincare, and many other products will be delivered in sleek, reusable packaging that users can leave on the doorstep to be retrieved, for free, after use.

The packaging will be picked up by Loop, cleaned, and re-used for deliveries in the future. So, consumers get their hands on the products they need, and won’t need to worry about proper disposal techniques.

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“With its operational scale and its commitment to environmental sustainability, Loblaw is the perfect partner to bring Loop to Canada,” said Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle and Loop.

“Together, as we bring back the milkman model of yesterday rebooted to reflect the convenience of today, we will help to eliminate the idea of waste and bring a better product experience to consumers.”

Those in Toronto who want to sign up for Loop are encouraged to visit their website and sign up for notifications. When Loop officially launches, those who signed up will be able to apply to participate in the program.

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