Little Free Library in Toronto transformed into Little Free Pantry

Mar 31 2020, 2:04 pm

While Toronto is taking on a whole new vibe — one that favours movies, dinner at home, and getting more indoorsy overall — some questions hang in the air.

Like, do the pigeons miss us? And what’s going on with those Little Free Libraries all across town?

While we’re just as puzzled as you are about the former, the latter, at least in one case, has a pretty adorable answer.

One of the Little Free Library posts near midtown has seen its literary items swapped out for pantry products, but they’re still being offered for free.


An image of the roadside box filled with canned goods, Kraft Dinner, a few notes, and even a roll of toilet paper, was shared to Reddit on Monday.

One user searched the Library’s charter number (which you can do here) and, upon realizing it was near their home, dropped off some pasta and soup.

While visiting, they noticed a note from a student who was grateful for the library’s new offerings.

“I have taken your pasta and beans,” the note reads. “Thank you – Appreciative but Anonymous.”


One commenter noted that this is the type of action they hope will carry on, even after the dust from coronavirus has settled.

“Let’s not let this spirit die with the pandemic,” they wrote. “Let’s keep it all going even when the world is healthy again.”

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