Toronto police and emergency workers get amazing LEGO makeover (PHOTOS)

Jan 24 2017, 1:59 pm

What do Daft Punk, Darth Vader, The Muppets, and GTA cops all have in common?

They’ve all been forged into LEGO figurines.

Self-described “Lego and uniform officers enthusiast,” Daniel Ng runs the accounts @LegoCopGTA on Instagram and Twitter where he showcases his Toronto Lego Copper Collection, a custom-made set of Lego people in the likeness of our local law enforcement and emergency service workers.

Inspired by a Lego reproduction of Hong Kong’s finest, Ng has already created police officers from various departments throughout the GTA, as well as OPP officers, CFMP, paramedics, fire fighters, forensic investigators, fare inspectors, and even mall security guards.

It’s an overwhelmingly rosy outlook offering road safety tips, awareness for public service initiatives, and appreciation for public workers. Even dioramas recreating scenes like RIDE checks and accidents caused by drivers running open doors on TTC streetcars are positively adorable.

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