Toronto just got an indulgent Swiss chocolate emporium (PHOTOS)

Dec 3 2019, 8:05 pm

There’s a plethora of reasons why downtown Toronto is an ultra sweet place to be. And now, thanks to a fresh Swiss import, the core has gotten even more delicious.

Läderach has opened its first North American flagship store in the Eaton Centre, and the new shop is a must-visit for a mid-shopping-day energy boost (read: sugar rush).

The store draws you in from outside, with giant slabs of fresh, premium chocolate, AKA FrischSchoggi, lining the front window display.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

The thick, creamy slabs of milk, dark, and white chocolate lay piled on top of one another and are speckled with toppings that range from praline nuts to cereal to freeze-dried berries.

These giant cuts are available by weight, so if you want to walk out with a whole one, you can. Or, you can opt to try pieces of multiple types, to ensure your tastebuds get to enjoy as many flavours as possible.

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If you’re looking to buy a gift for someone special, but the responsibility of choosing from the many options is too much to bear, pre-selected gift wooden gift boxes are at your fingertips.

Featuring multiple premium bars, you can offer your loved one — or yourself — the gift of a world of flavours.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Smaller-scale treats are available pre-packaged as well, including birthday-themed items and boxes of bark cut for sharing in the office, or at a party.

All of the store’s chocolate is imported directly from Switzerland each week and is made with sustainably sourced cacao. It goes without saying that freshness is paramount, and each item has a hand-made quality to it as well.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Of course, technology must be used to produce the massive amounts of treats that Läderach offers. The company is the top premium chocolate retailer in Switzerland, after all.

But to ensure that each item offered in stores feels special, there’s a human touch to every piece.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Whether it’s the dusting of edible glitter atop a truffle, or the sprinkle of toffee over a slab of FrischSchoggi, the integrative process of humans working with technology allows for quantity to meet quality.

Thus, countless mouthwatering creations are brought to life.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Towards the back of the shop is the must-visit truffle and praline station. Here, there’s something for every taste — be that dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or caramel.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Also at the truffle station, you’ll find one of the shop’s most unique offerings: mini mousses. Featuring fluffy egg white foam over a crispy biscuit, topped with a dollop of one of many sweet drops, and coated in chocolate, these two-bite treats are pure bliss.

While all of them are mind-blowing, the strawberry (featuring real strawberry pieces in the chocolate) and the grand cru (finished with gold glitter) are must-tries.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

The back of the space is brimming with special items that bring the Swiss heritage to life through the experience of chocolate. Milk jugs, bags of snacking or baking chocolate, and truffle boxes that boast designs of traditional Swiss life line the shelves.

Stepping into the space evokes feelings of comfort, and an almost childlike wonder that only a candy store can offer.

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Starting at noon on December 4, Läderach will be celebrating its grand opening with a parade through the mall. Featuring cow herders, bells, and a giant chocolate key to gift to the deputy mayor, the celebration is sure to be both delicious and spirited.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

The next time you’re running through the mall and your mind is going a million miles a minute, take a moment to tuck into this new spot and indulge your senses with a mini-vacation to Switzerland.

Läderach Toronto Flagship

Address: CF Toronto Eaton Centre


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