Gaze into the future at Toronto's new interactive fortune-telling installation

Jun 17 2021, 7:21 am

Care to see what the future holds? A large, interactive fortune-telling box has popped up in Toronto and residents are able to gaze into the future.

The Ossington BIA had partnered with Darren Christopher Projects to bring to life a large-scale fortune-teller, located at 56 Ossington.

The piece is titled “Good Fortunes” and can be found at the “Tiger of Sweden” patio.

fortune teller toronto

Kimberly Simmons/Good Fortunes

According to a press release, this project was started as a response to the current pandemic and celebrates the year of Public Art.

“Good Fortunes explores our roles in shaping the futures that emerge within our
community,” the press release reads.

“It asks us to reshape our pasts in order to envision new futures. How might each of us future tell in a more equal, caring and “good” way?”

This installation is one of many popping up across the city. RendezViews, a massive parking lot turned outdoor patio has transformed into a huge art canvas with colourful picnic tables.

This outdoor exhibition is accessible 24/7 and residents are encouraged to play and interact with the installation. It will be available until July 4.

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