5 sizzling Hot Pot restaurants to check out in Markham

Oct 10 2017, 8:06 pm

As the weather gets colder in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s time to get your soup on!

Wheather looking for AYCE options bubbling away or steam pots filled with seafood, we’ve narrowed down five of our favourite hot pot spots to try in Markham.

Morals Village

Morals Village Hot Pot

Morals Village Hot Pot/Facebook

Morals Village is a popular Chinese brand that came from Mainland China a few years ago. The all-you-can-eat menu provides the best bang-for-your-buck with fresh seafood, quality cuts of meat, and even matcha and vanilla soft serve ice cream for dessert included!

Address: 8333 Kennedy Road, Markham
Phone: 905-604-8995

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XiangZi Hotpot

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Talk about a gorgeous restaurant! XiangZi brings Ancient China to your hot pot experience. Visit XiangZi for a wide selection of seafood such as scallops, squid, and oysters and marvel at their selection of cold dish appetizers.

Address: 3989 Highway 7 East, Markham
Phone 905-305-9888

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Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot

Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot

Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot

What is hot pot without dipping sauces? Liuyishou has one of the largest selections of dipping sauces with plenty of chilli oils, sesame paste, and much more! Try some of their decadent soup bases such as pork bone, corn, and tomato or opt for the ultra spicy soup base.

Address: 650 Highway 7, Suite 102, Richmond Hill
Phone: 905-762-9978

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Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot

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A popular steakhouse chain in Toronto, Day & Night is now also in the hot pot game… with a twist. While traditional soup bases are available, steam pots are the main attraction here. Crab, mussels, abalone are all available and ready to be steamed and devoured.

Address: 9021 Leslie Street, Unit 9-13, Richmond Hill
Phone: 905-771-9777


Too Hot Hotpot

Too Hot Hotpot is about basics and doing them well. Dine in on soya bean, fish, and pork bone soup bases and rediscover hot pot classics like beef balls, fish, tofu, lamb slices, and shrimp.

Address: 11 Fairburn Drive, Markham
Phone: 905-604-4188

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