High Park cherry blossoms have moved into their next stage of development

Apr 12 2019, 4:29 pm

The milder temperatures have definitely paid off, as High Park’s cherry blossoms have moved into their next stage of development.

According to Sakura in High Park’s latest update, the buds are now showing green tips, indicating the bud’s progress.

During the second stage, the buds will appear larger, well rounded, and display prominent green upper sections, according to Sakura in High Park.

“I observed the trees near the sports fields having the vast majority of their buds showing green. This comes as no surprise, as this area has historically been the first to bloom.”

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If the milder temperatures continue, Sakura in High Park says the blossoms should reach peak bloom by late-April or early May.

“Weather will now play a crucial role in determining when to expect the blossoms to open, but the forecasts so far is still a bit up and down, making accurate predictions hard to pin down.”

Keep in mind that, for the first time ever, vehicles will not be allowed to park or drive through High Park during the peak bloom period between late-April through early May.

This means you will not be allowed to drive into the park to any of the lots near Grenadier Café, Children’s Playground or High Park Zoo.

The change is aimed to increase public safety and ease traffic congestion both in the park and the surrounding neighbourhood.

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