High Park cherry blossoms show healthy progress despite recent cold

Mar 28 2019, 4:04 pm

Despite the continuing winter-like weather we’ve been experiencing in Toronto, the city’s popular High Park cherry blossoms are showing healthy progress.

According to Sakura in High Park’s latest update, the flower buds continue to stay tightly closed to protect their delicate blossom petals, as they wait for warmer weather to arrive.

But despite there being no hints of green tips as of late, which would signal the beginning of the next development stage, the buds appear to be healthy, well shaped and continue to show off their vibrant red and brown colours.

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“The reddish and brown colours are also excellent indicators of the bud’s well being and hardiness as they continue to stay shut to protect their delicate petals from the last bouts of cold weather,” reads the update.

For now, all signs still point to a potential bloom in late April or early May.

For now, we can just sit back and wait for warmer days which will help with development.

Ainsley SmithAinsley Smith

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