Warm weather needed for next stage of development for High Park cherry blossoms

Apr 5 2019, 8:12 pm

A much-needed dose of sunshine and warm weather is needed for the High Park cherry blossoms to reach the next stage of development.

But thankfully double-digits are on the forecast this weekend and a high of 14°C for this Saturday followed by 11°C on Sunday.

According to Sakura in High Park’s latest update, “the prolonged exposure to cold continues to slow down the progress of the trees. This means the buds remain closed and set in their early stages.”

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Because of this, there has been “little change” to the blossom buds, but once there is more consistent warm weather, there should be a jump into the next stages of development, according to the update.

As of now, the trend continues to point to a late April or early May peak bloom.

Ainsley SmithAinsley Smith

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